In order to learn independently from large amounts of data, computers need clever algorithms, computing power and ideally the ability to simultaneously consider as many solutions as possible. And this is exactly where it happens, still unnoticed by many: a second AI revolution through the use of Quantum Computing for machine learning.

We look forward to discussing with you the state of the art in research and hardware as well as an outlook on business applications benefitting from Quantum Machine Learning.

Who is it meant for?

AI Monday targets people who wish to learn about AI, change leaders, and folks who seek to utilise large quantities of data in unforeseen ways.




January 25, 2021 – starting at 5:30 PM (Berlin time).

What do I get?

Inspiration, Knowledge, Contacts, Ideas.


Dr. Roman Bansen, Head of IT Infrastructure at Bitkom

Dr. Daniel Trabold, Alliance Manager at Fraunhofer Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Alliance

Claudia Pohlink, Head of Artificial Intelligence at T-Labs – Telekom Innovation Laboratories

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