The joint intelligence of AI experts gets together to solve today’s industrial problems.

From May 19th – 21st 2021, the AI Marketplace and the AI Living Lab are jointly organizing an Industrial Datathon, the AI DataCOMP.

For a few days, creative and dedicated hackers, data analysts and data scientists from companies, startups, research institutions or universities will have the opportunity to use real data from industrial processes to realize their own AI algorithms and find solutions for industry.

The Datathon is supported by the AICommunityOWL, which held the AI Challenge Days several times last year and organizes and supports activities around AI in OWL.


The best solution will receive the prize of an implementation project in the AI Living Lab.

Only companies, start-ups, universities or research institutions based in Germany are eligible to carry out the implementation project, which is endowed with 10,000€.


The data for the challenges will be provided by düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH. düspohl is an innovative company in the development of profile wrapping technologies, as well as laminating and peripheral machines for the wood and plastics processing industry.

The challenges will remain secret to the AI experts until the event.


… is a laptop/computer with a programming language of your choice. Prior knowledge of Python and Tensorflow or Pytorch is recommended.


Participation is free of charge. The necessary access data will be provided via e-mail in good time before the event.



Wednesday, 19th May

4.45 pm : Zoom Check-In

5.00 pm: Welcome

5.20 pm: Keynotes:

“Challenges of AI as a trusted product component”, Prof. Barbara Hammer, Bielefeld University

Winner of the last hackathon, Arvin Aurora, AIM Agile IT Management GmbH

6.00 pm: Announcement of the challenge

6.45 pm: Teams & logistics

7.00 pm: Publication of data sets

9.00 pm: Late support session

Thursday, 20th May

10.00 am / 4.00 pm / 8.00 pm: Support Sessions

Friday, 21st May

10.00 am: Support Session

4.30 pm: Submission of results

5.00 pm: Pitch Session (If you are unable to attend at this time, then the pitch can be presented beforehand.)

6.00 pm: End


Any questions? Please feel free to contact:

Cosmo Schwabedissen

In the course of the event, we will make image and/or video recordings in the form of screenshots for information and advertising purposes. With your registration, you agree to the production and distribution of these recordings on the website, in print media and for further information and advertising purposes of it’s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH and Fraunhofer IOSB-INA.

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