Artificial intelligence is more than just a buzz word. Thomas Bischoff is a member of AI Community OWL. In this blog post, he explains how he joined the community and invites you to our first online hackathon.

Industry 4.0 – that is the future of manufacturing. Everything is becoming “smart”, not just phones and watches. Our everyday working lives are changing rapidly as part of digitalization. We at AICommunityOWL will keep you up to date on what the fourth industrial revolution actually means. Using real-life examples, we explain how we are treading the path of digital transformation toward the future.

A few years ago, I would certainly have been called a “nerd,” while others dubbed me an “early adopter.” Both are probably somewhat true. I’ve always been interested in future technologies, trying to understand them and develop them myself. At some point, I arrived at the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). I now have a good grasp of the technology behind it, am currently studying “Deep Learning” intensively, and am devoting myself to the topic of Edge AI.

The AI Community OWL

A few weeks ago, I received a request via my social media channels. The Fraunhofer Institute from Lemgo asked me if I would be interested in creating a community on the topic of artificial intelligence in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Of course I was!

To that end, you have to know, OWL is about to become a hotspot for AI. There are unique opportunities, from an AI real lab to a smart factory to a know-how center. You can find more info on the Smart Factory OWL page. The podcast “AI in der Industrie” by Robert Weber and Peter Seeberg also reports on OWL in its current episode “Vom Klemmen-Valley zum KI-Valley”.

Since then we actually got together and founded the #AICommunityOWL. We want to advance the topic of AI in research and industry. To this end, we are helping to develop and make our knowledge available. We see the benefits of artificial intelligence for the challenges in various fields, including modern smart city solutions, the mobility of the future, the industrial sector and for smart buildings.

Take Phoenix Contact’s Bad Pyrmont site as an example. In their smart building, everything is networked with everything else. Sensors collect data, and AI could be used to evaluate that data. Completely new possibilities are created by artificial intelligence. We, the AI Community OWL, are discussing these topics and giving rise to the AI Hotspot OWL by not only recognizing, but also implementing them.

We are an open community and welcome any kind of participation and support. We see ourselves as a team consisting of employees from Fraunhofer in Lemgo, the OWL University of Applied Sciences, the Centrum Industrial IT and Phoenix Contact. We are also happy to welcome other AI enthusiasts – from beginners to professionals.

Online-Hackathon: AI Challenge Days

If you want to try out AI for the first time, our first online hackathon, the AI Challenge Days, is the right place for you. There will be several challenges from which you can choose the one that suits you best. This much we can reveal: One challenge will deal with the topic of Smart City, one with the topic of Smart Factory and another with data from one of the most modern and networked buildings in Europe.

In all three challenges, you can actively work on solutions for the future. Look forward to exciting hours, developing sustainable solutions with us using the latest technology. We are looking forward to seeing you. To register, click on this link.

Thomas Bischoff

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